• 147, Luggage 5 sets (L,M,S,XS,BC) Wings, Blue

The Symbol : 147-5 KPL BLUE

Dimensions: 75,5 x 48,5 x 29 / 65,5 x 43 x 25 / 55,5 x 38 x 21,5 / 51,5 x 34 x 19 / 34 x 28,5 x 15 cm Capacity: 97 l, 63 l, 38 l, 28 l, 15 l

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By train, by plane by your own car-no matter how you like to travel, we strive to make every trip a pleasure. That's why we have created a collection of PEACOCK suitcases, which have won hearts with their interesting, timeless and modern design combined with remarkable colors.

Like a peacock - PEACOCK suitcases are something you cannot pass by indifferently. Comfortable handling of the suitcases is provided by rubber wheels that rotate around their own axis and a telescopic, two-level handle. Luggage security is ensured by internal fasteners and combination locks, and trouble-free use for years is guaranteed by the durable material from which our suitcases are made - ABS plastic.

The set consists of 4 suitcases of different sizes and a trunk, which can be conveniently attached to the suitcase. So if your priority is to travel with class- choose the PEACOCK line like many others!


Top material - ABS (Acrylonitrile, Butadiene, Styrene).

Dimensions with protruding parts:

Large suitcase: approx. 75,5 x 48,5 x 29  cm

Medium suitcase: approx. 65,5 x 43 x 25 cm

Cabin suitcase: approx. 55,5 x 38 x 21,5  cm

Cabin suitcase: approx. 51,5  x 34 x 19 cm

Trunk: approx. 34 x 28,5 x 15 cm

4 bearing wheels that rotate 360 degrees

Encrypted lock

Two-level telescoping handle

Internal tie-down straps to secure luggage

Colour Blue
Size L,M,S,XS,BC
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